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Adult Membership

Certified divers: +15 years of age who would like to join our scuba club.
Only available to people aged 15 or over.

Family Membership

Certified divers: 2 x adults (+15 years of age) & 4 Juniors (10-14 years of age) who would like to join our scuba club.

Junior Membership

Certified divers: 10-14 years of age who would like to join our scuba club.
Only available to people up to the age of 14.

PAYG Membership (pay as you go)

Registered Guests are members who wish to use the club facilities on a "Pay as you Go" basis. Please note that Registered Guests do not benefit from any discounts on events and may pay more for events than full members.
Only available to new applicants aged 10 or over.

Social Membership

Social Membership... for non diving partners or parents of junior students who would like eligibility to the non scuba membership benefits (e.g: holiday discounts)

Trainee Membership

Anyone who intends completing a certification course with our club can apply for this membership. This membership will activate upon successfully booking their course and is valid until the 31st March in the following year.


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